Have you ever become lost staring at the stars on a clear night? The universe is just boundless. Yet there is a time when one has to come back to earth.
That fascination with the stars is probably a key reason why Patrick enjoys flying drones and capturing views from the sky. He started flying drones about four years ago when the technology first started becoming capable of carrying cameras, replacing RC helicopters, which are much more difficult to operate.
Another reason why Patrick was eager to work in the drone industry was that it reminded him of all the years he spent flying RC planes with his father.
Patrick used a drone carrying a DSLR for a few years. He also has his custom-built Octocopter. As more modern and industrial drones with better cameras have evolved, he has switched to a Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro. He is still waiting on his PlexiDrone.
He has an FAA license.